Reference project
Automotive industry


Before inductive hardening, the different crankshafts for passenger car engines must be cleaned automatically and effectively within a few seconds. The fully automatic loading of the ReiTec washing plant is carried out by a portal handling system. The fully automatic transfer of the cleaned crankshafts is done by a walking beam.

The realization

For the automatic cleaning of the various crankshafts, a continuous washing system is used in tac mode with zone separation by lift doors. A special conveyor system with quick-change crankshaft holders enables millimeter-precise handling and targeted cleaning of the oil channel bores. Various monitored filter systems are used for continuous bath maintenance.

Customer benefits

Fast and effective cleaning of crankshafts for the hardening process. Targeted cleaning of oil channel bores, very short changeover times for product changes, continuous bath maintenance.
Important facts

Machine manufacturer automotive industry

Project period: 2016

Cleaning technique: ReiTec special washing system for automatic and clocked cleaning of crankshafts

Technique used:

  • ReiTec conveying system for cycle operation
  • ReiTec cleaning lance for oil channel boreholes
  • monitored and continuous filter technology for bath maintenance
  • bus system for control


  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning