Reference project
Coatings industry


The customer was planning to build a fully automated paint production plant in England. Our task was the fully automatic cleaning of all mixers in the factory. Depending on the type of paint, the mixers must be cleaned either with solvent or with water. The two media required for cleaning (water and solvent respectively) were to be taken from a supply tank. The entire cleaning system for all production tanks must be automatically controlled via a PLC and seamlessly integrated into the production process.

The realization

For the automatic cleaning of the mixers, the motor-driven traversing units with the ReiTec vessel cleaner were used. The lengths of the traversing units were selected so that the agitator can also be cleaned from the underside.

Customer benefits

The container cleaning required after the production process has been fully integrated into the production process. The production process no longer ends with filling as before, but with the cleaning of the mixer. The customer saves a lot of time for cleaning and reduces the consumption of cleaning media to a minimum. He achieves higher utilization with the same number of units thanks to automatic cleaning. At the same time, the customer optimizes the quality of his products and prevents possible adverse effects caused by unclean containers.
Important facts

One of the largest paint manufacturers in the world, largest paint manufacturer in Europe.

Project period: 2014 – 2015

Cleaning technique: ReiTec tank cleaner with automatic traversing units for hazardous areas, high pressure pump for solvents, high pressure pump for water, PLC control system

Technique used:

  • ReiTec Tank Cleaner with Traversing Units for Automatic Internal Cleaning
  • High pressure pump for solvent with tank unit and safety technology
  • High pressure pump for water with tank unit and safety technology
  • SPS-control with possibility for remote maintenance


  • Consulting, planning (including safety considerations)
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Training