Drum washing machine

Our drum washing machines are designed for the cleaning and treatment of small parts and bulk solids in the industry. In the drum washing systems, the laundry is conveyed evenly and slowly through the various treatment zones by means of a screw.

The drum washing machines are available in different diameters, lengths and drum types. The design of the system can be adapted individually to the respective requirement.

Numerous accessories, such as different automatic feeds for the wash load and optional system equipment, round off the extensive range of products and services.

Mögliche Einsatzgebiete


Bauteilsauberkeit in der Fahrzeugindustrie ist ein Qualitätskriterium.


  • bolt
  • sleeves
  • nuts
  • rivet
  • Recycling materials
  • screw
  • stampings
  • Thermoformed parts


  • suction
  • Bath care
  • filter
  • swaths capacitors
  • control concepts

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