Sinner’s circle

Cleaning process

The Sinner circle (pie chart) shows the interplay of the 4 crucial parameters for cleaning. The basic parameters for each cleaning are the

  • Chemistry (detergents, different types)
  • Mechanics (type of cleaning)
  • Temperature
  • Time

The sum of the 4 parameters always gives 100%.

Named after the surfactant chemist Herbert Sinner (* 1900 in Chemnitz, † 1988 in Hilden), former head of detergent application technology at Henkel.

Welche Wirkmechanismen haben die einzelnen Faktoren?


The task of the chemistry is to remove the dirt from the surface. Here, the binding forces of the impurities are released by chemical processes. It is important to choose the right cleaning agent in the right dosage.


Due to the mechanics of the cleaning, the holding forces of the impurities on the surface are overcome. Depending on the entire process, it is important to find the right mechanics, such as spray cleaning, immersion cleaning with ultrasound, brush cleaning, or other mechanical methods for cleaning.


The temperature increases the effect of the chemical components, reduces the viscosity of the dirt and supports the drying process.


The time is the duration of the performance of the other mechanisms of action.