Reference project
Food waste management


The customer planned to build a site for food waste disposal with subsequent recycling to generate environmentally friendly energy. Our task was the simple, fast and effective cleaning of the different waste garbage cans and paloxes with continuous bath maintenance and disinfection of the cleaned containers. It must be possible to clean up to 450 containers per hour.

The realization

For continuous cleaning of emptied garbage garbage cans and paloxes, a special feeding line for garbage garbage cans was installed in front of the cleaning plant. The cleaning system comprises several treatment zones and 2 successively connected transport systems for the washed material.

Customer benefits

After the waste garbage cans have been emptied, they can be quickly and easily placed on the transport system at ground level. Due to the integrated screw conveyors in the system and the downstream drum screens, the cleaning baths are effectively and continuously maintained. This ensures a constant and high cleaning quality. Due to the automatic turning device and removal of the cleaned containers, no special operating personnel is required for cleaning the containers.
Important facts

One of the largest food disposal companies in Germany.

Project period: 2017 – 2018

Cleaning technique: ReiTec continuous washing system for trash cans and paloxes with screw conveyors and feeding section. Tank unit with heat exchangers and integrated drum screens.

Technique used:

  • Medium pressure cleaning systems
  • Heat exchangers for effective and energy-efficient heating of the cleaning media
  • Bath maintenance systems by drum screens
  • SPS control with operator terminal and remote maintenance


  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Coordination of process flow
  • Manufacturing, assembly
  • Commissioning and training